Technology, a new living material of architecture just like furniture or lighting, is no longer simply confined to the purely technical, but is becoming a way to really create emotion and experience for adding value to a brand or an asset or accompanying a shopping/visitor experience.

What we do

With its technical expertise (technology recommendation and installation), creativity (design of digital devices and content strategy) and listening to it, Dalcans diverts digital from its purely functional dimension in order to use it as a living material of architecture. Digital technology is part of a real journey that makes it possible to script and embellish living spaces and shops, to enhance an asset, a lessee or even to accompany a shopping experience.

DALCANS’ creative teams respond to our bold customers by texturing their spaces with digital, in all its forms. Artistic directors, graphic designers and developers continually keep in mind that our goal is to make the experience of these places memorable and identifiable. Our ambition is to arouse emotion, to produce attractive moments that make it possible to establish links between people in order to create a strong vector of differentiation.

Do not hesitate to contact them when renovating your hotel lobbies, your companies or multi-tenant buildings or to improve the shopping experience of your C.C. customers.

  • Design of digital supports
  • Technology recommendations
  • Content creation (2D, 3D, motion design)
  • Interactivity
  • Customer experience (sales assistant tablet, mobile site, custom development, etc.)
  • Installation and programming
  • Training
  • Maintenance and financing


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